Wansfell 2nd January 2009

Route- Troutbeck -Nanny lane - Baystones - Wansfell pike

Got to the lakes on Friday afternoon so had a short walk up to Wansfell pike. Here Sour Howes  is seen from near  the bottom of Nanny lane.

Further up Nanny lane.

Froswick from the end of Nanny lane.

Wansfell pike from Baystones.

Windermere from Baystones.

Red Screes on the left, Cauldale moor on the right

Zooming in on the Langdale's.

Thornthwaite crag and the Ill Bell ridge from Baystones.

Walking along the ridge to Wansfell pike.

Windermere is well seen from Wansfell pike.