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A round above Deepdale

21st September 2023

Route - Deepdale Bridge - Patterdale - Arnison Crag - Trough Head - Birks - St.Sunday Crag - Deepdale Hause - Cofa Pike - Fairfield - Hart Crag - Dove Crag - Houndshope Cove - Hartsop Above How - Deepdale Bridge ( About 12miles 3500ft ascent )

A high level walk around the Deepdale valley for David and I today. Unfortunately the weather didn't play ball and we were in cloud on the higher tops.


Arnison Crag from the road near Deepdale Bridge, we had a mile or so to walk on the road to Patterdale where we took the track behind the hotel. The weather was fairly bright now and it wasn't particularly cold.

Looking across to the slopes of Birks from the steep but thankfully not to long ascent of Arnison Crag.

Ullswater and lower fells to the west from the top.

Our onward path over to Trough Head to Birks ( and eventually St. Sunday Crag ).


A look over to Hartsop Dodd and a misty Caudale Moor.


Arnison Crag from the climb up from Trough Head by the wall.


And Ullswater again from the fairly undistinguished top of Birks.


Onward now to St. Sunday Crag and the low cloud. It was a shame as David hasn't climbed any of these fells and he missed out on the normally excellent views.

View from inside a cloud on the top of St.Sunday.

Deepdale Hause was just about below the cloud.

But the Grisedale valley was completely covered and the wind was whipping the cloud against the side of St.Sunday..

Cofa Pike and Fairfield were both completely covered and also it had started to rain so I put the camera away. The wet and slippery rocks made the climb over Cofa Pike quite tricky and I needed both hands at times. We finally got a view into Deepdale and our route back to the valley along Hartsop Above How

The higher reaches of the western arm of the Fairfield Horseshoe.

Hart Crag ahead as we walk back towards it after bagging Dove Crag from where I forgot to take a photo.

The Priest's Hole cave high on Dove Crag.

Typically St.Sunday is now clear.

After crossing a very wet Houndshope Cove we are on the last leg back to the car. Hartsop Above How ahead.

Arnison Crag in the foreground and Place Fell and Boredale Hause in the background.

A look back to a clear Fairfield, Hart Crag and Dove Crag.

The Angletarn Pikes are the two small tops across the valley.

Deepdale with Greenhow End above and above that Fairfield. Cofa Pike is the small top to the left of the dip of Deepdale Hause.

Gavel Pike seen from Deepdale Park.

And Arnison Crag again from soft grassy field which makes for a nice end to our walk.


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